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True Edge Sale! - December 10th, 2011!
Everything will be on sale!

Check back daily for more door buster specials!

Specials will be on sale at different times during the day:

Half will be available at 10am, the other half at 12pm.

These items and more will be on sale:

All items are limited quantity. 3 Tornado grenades (simi valley only), Gunbags limited to qty on hand, 1 black and 1 silver derringer, 2 M9 magazines, 2 Thompsons, 5 M4 magazines, 5 abs grips, and 2 angled grips (color varies) per store. First come first serve. These are special prices for select items. Tax not included.

Sale rules:

No fighting. If you are fighting all involved parties will be removed from the store.

No layaways allowed.

No rainchecks.

Any doorbusters will be limited to 1 per person.

No lining up before 5 am.

Sale will be from 10 am to 8pm. One day only. You cannot come in sunday for the sale prices.

Single file line(s) in front of register.

No yelling or screaming.

No repair drop-offs or pick-ups.

No returns allowed on the same day.

No food or drink in the store.

The first 4 groups will be allowed in early for shopping.

Please REMEMBER: Smile! The cameras are watching..

Date: 12/20/11 - 12/31/11

Purchase any New A.E.G. ($149.99 and up) and receive a FREE Genuine Military Tactical Load Bearing Vest!

A $65 value!

That's like buying the vest and getting 40% off the gun!

Date: 1/7/11 - 1/10/11
Facebook Exclusive Deal

Purchase any New A.E.G. ($149.99 and up) and receive a FREE Smart Charger!

A $50 value!

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WarningYou must be 18 years or older to purchase. Check the latest California state laws, and your local laws before purchasing anything from our site. All Airsoft guns come standard with blaze orange tips required by Title 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations: (Commerce and Foreign Trade) part 1150. Airsoft guns shown without blaze orange tips are for cosmetic purposes only. Removing the blaze orange tip will void all warranties.

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